Will Aerial Photography Help in Selling Your Home or Business?

The quick answer is, yes! Yes, aerial photography will help in selling your home or business! Whether your home or business sits on acreage or a lot, aerial pictures give potential buyers a whole different view of the property!

When selling your home, you are selling more than just the building.

The land that it sits on, including the trees, ponds, and how the building sits on the lot are all tied in. Aerial pictures will show potential buyers ALL that!

Aerial photography will show all areas of the property and surrounding sections.

Whether its landscaping details and/or additional buildings, aerial pictures will bring them all together.

If you are selling a business aerial pictures are important to show potential buyers the overall building which includes the exterior layout and lot the building is located on.

The picture to the right shows the building and where additional parking could be expanded as outlined via the yellow ribbon.

This gives potential buyers a feel of what the proposed parking will look like and fit on the lot, in relation to the building and roadway.

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